Are you an Eco Traveler? Take a Glance Over These Tips!

“Mankind is destroying the plant”. Scientists have stated this statement a long decade ago. It seems pretty enough to cut down carbon emissions when we are at our home, but what about business trips or vacations?

Below I’ve mentioned a couple of tips that will probably steer you towards the proper direction.

Plan about Your Travel Beforehand

Forget about the traditional paper tickets, and book electronically through online or telephone. By doing so, you’ll be able to save your precious time and paper as well.

Before starting your travel, reduce the heat on your hot water tank, unplug all electronics including cordless telephones, cable boxes, DVD players, refrigerator, etc, and lower the thermostat.

Vehicles Have Really an Enormous Impact on Our Environment

It would be better if you prefer using airport shuttles or public transportation. Decide to rent a vehicle only when there’s no way out.

If renting vehicle is the only alternative available, you better reserve a compact vehicle which will be pretty easy on gas. If you conduct a bit more search, you may be fortunate enough to find out the rental agencies providing hybrids or electric cars.

Check out the tire pressures before heading out. Keep in mind that gas consumption is increased to a great extent if your vehicle comprises under-inflated tires.

If possible, choose to open the windows of your car instead of using air conditioner.

Drive the vehicle in absolutely conservative manner. Ride within the speed limit so that you’ll be able to save fuel to some extent.

Some Additional Tips to Have Eco-Friendly Travel

Never prefer using the regular alkaline batteries. You better carry rechargeable batteries sufficient enough to get you through a whole day. Invest in purchasing a digital camera instead of regular film or disposable cameras as they are not considered as environmentally-friendly. Avoid purchasing snacks or coffee that arrives in the disposable containers. Instead, pack your personal mug.

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